OFSAA Alumni Scholarship

** NOTE: In order to see if you are eligible to apply, please check the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship page to see if the SWOSSA Association is eligible that year.

Due Date: Early April

Application Requirements:

To apply for the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship the following must be submitted:

  • Completed application form (3 copies)
  • School transcript
  • Record of current marks
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or a teacher-coach at your present school outlining your contributions to the athletic program and to the school in general.
  • One-page personal letter, outlining how you feel school sport has influenced your life, and why you feel you are deserving of the OFSAA Alumni Scholarship.
  • Criteria for Selection


  • Attendance at a Canadian post-secondary institution.
  • Participation in high school sport.
  • Involvement in other areas of school and community activity.
  • Attainment of an academic overall average of at least 80%.
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or teacher/coach at the high school.
  • Your personal letter.

Application: OFSAA Alumni Scholarship Application

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