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Whether you are looking to get ahead, make an improvement or take the opportunity to try something new — You may be interested in attending Summer School. See the attached links for more information for Summer 2020.

Improvement credits are “upgrades” for courses previously taken in math, english, and science. You must have achieved a minimum of 35% in the selected course in the current school year to be eligible for this program. This program runs from date to TBD. You may register in one course only. Course offerings are dependent on sufficient enrollment, therefore an alternate choice is recommended. Grade 9 and 10 courses will be offered at a location TBD. Grade 11 and 12 courses will be offered at a location TBD

Full credit offerings allow students to register in classes they have not otherwise already taken. This program runs from dates TBD. You may register in one course only. Course availability is dependent on sufficient enrollment. Full credit courses will be offered at a location TBD. All classes run from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

Summer School 2020  student application

Summer School 2020 improvement and full credit application

Students have two options to earn credits through cooperative education: one credit (from date TBD) and two credit (from date TBD). Preference will be given to those students applying to the program for the following reasons: (1) students in Grade 11 in credit deficit (2) students in Grade 12 in credit deficit or requiring credits to graduate (3) students registered in the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program. Students must have a placement prior to the start of the program . Day 1 and 2 pre-placement will be held at a location TDB

Summer School 2020 coop application

Students can earn a credit through e-learning(from date TBD). Accepted students will be notified of their mandatory orientation time prior to the start of course.  Contact your guidance counsellor for more information.


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