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Make a difference….

Below are some NEW ideas for you to get Involved….. Find a project that truly inspires you….. Food Fast Bead for LIFE Global Volunteer Network Malaria No More The Memory Project *** Now is...


You can do something about it….

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness….. More people have a mobile than a toilet….. More than 3x more people lack water than live in the United States….. Lack of community...


Volunteer Agencies

Below are some ideas which can be used for the SERVICE portion of your CAS project. Remember it MUST be unpaid, voluntary and ultimately you must be able to learn something from your experience!!...


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are differentiated from assessment objectives because they are not rated on a scale. The completion decision for the school in relation to each student is, simply, “Have these outcomes been achieved?” As...



It is essential that service activities have learning benefits for the student. Otherwise, they are not experiential learning (hence not CAS) and have no particular claim on students’ time. This rules out mundane, repetitive...


Project Ideas

This section will be a place to share your ideas!! Come here anytime with something you would like to share in regards to your CAS project or simply use it as a place to...

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