Scholarships & Bursaries

Awards: An award is a gift, sum of money, or citation given to recognize achievement in some capacity.

Bursaries & Grants: A bursary or grant is free money. It is based on need, but academic standing and other criteria are also considered.

Scholarships: A scholarship is free money granted towards the expense of further study. It is based on academic achievement and/or community involvement.

Other IMPORTANT places to look for scholarships:

1) The University/College website for the school in which you are applying. There are always specific scholarships just for your school — once you know where you are going, be sure to check out there scholarships & bursaries.

2) Yconic – A great site that allows matches you with scholarships & bursaries once you have created a profile.

3) A few great comprehensive site with many different Canadian Scholarships & Bursaries:

  1. Scholarships Canada
  2. Youth Connect
  3. Disability Awards

4) Employers – Check with your families employer and your own employer to see if they offer any scholarship opportunities.



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