Scholarship Funds from the Retail Council of Canada

Due Date: March 31


  • Enrolled full-time or part-time at a Canadian college or university Fall 2015.
  • Pursuing a retail, business or marketing-related program.
  • Currently working part-time or full-time within the retail industry.


  • Completed online application profile.
  • Official transcript from either high school or post-secondary institution from the last two semesters
  • A reference letter (200 words max.) from current employer that includes the following:Applicant’s demonstrated and continued commitment to the retail industry.


    Ways in which the applicant has distinguished him/herself from other employees.

    Reasons indicating why the applicant is deserving of this scholarship.

    Current employer/supervisor contact information.

  • A typed essay (500-700 words) that answers the following questions:Many within the industry today believe that “relationships are the new retail currency”. This means different things to different people. However, despite who you might speak to, everyone seems to agree that one of the crucial components to any retailer’s current and future success and growth will be attributed to their ability to develop exceptional relationships. Whether it is between their brand and their customer, manufacturers and suppliers, other retailers and businesses, or the communities in which they serve, building strong and beneficial relationships will be vital going forward.As the future generation of retail leaders, how do you define “relationship” in the context of retail? In your estimation, what criteria are involved in an exceptional relationship? And, how do you feel your experience and educational pursuits will help you build strong and beneficial relationships? (500 – 700 words max)
  • Proof of applicant’s enrollment in a Canadian post-secondary institution. One of the following will suffice:Letter of acceptance or conditional letter of acceptance
    Proof of tuition payment
    Letter from Office of Registrar

Value: Up to $5000 (19 different Scholarships)

Click here for more information & an application.

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