Royal Canadian Legion Bursary Assistance Program

The Bursary Program is designed to assist those students who are entering or continuing their post secondary education (including courses and training programs of a technical and vocational nature) and pursue the same course throughout their academic years.

Approved bursary assistance is not based upon scholastic standing but rather on the successful admission status to a post secondary institution or successful completion of one or more years leading to a recognized degree, diploma or certificate.

The Bursary Program is funded through the Ontario Command Branches and Ladies’ Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation. Ontario Command branches, and our Auxiliaries, raise funds for the Bursary Program through poppy tagging, and other activities such as bingo, break open tickets, banquets and clubhouse operations.

Due Date: Last Friday in March


  • Ex-Service personnel or currently serving members of The Canadian Forces (Regular, Reserve, and Merchant Navy) and their children and grandchildren. Commonwealth war veterans and their children and grandchildren.
  • Ordinary and Life members of The Royal Canadian Legion and their children and grandchildren. (3) Associate members of The Royal Canadian Legion and their children.
  • Ladies’ Auxiliary members and their children and grandchildren.
  • Step children and step grandchildren may be considered where applicable.

What to send in support of the application:

  1. A copy of the “View Application Details (6 -7 pgs) and Funding Summary and/or Status Summary and/or Total OSAP Aid Issued” must be attached to the application form.
  2. Proof of eligibility if a branch officer or auxiliary secretary does not sign the application form.
  3. Complete all information areas required for the eligibility type of the applicant.
  4. Emailed / Scanned / Faxed / Photocopied / Separated applications will not be accepted. Please submit original.


  • Make sure you have completed everything on the checklist/guideline. Here is the link to it APPLICATION GUIDELINE
  • Fill out the application form: Available in the Guidance Office or by downloading the form from this link APPLICATION FORM


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